Recognizing a pressing need to assist members of the Chicago Orthodox Jewish community in the shidduch process, HaRav Shmuel Fuerst, Dayan Agudath Israel of Illinois, established Simcha Link over a dozen years ago. Rabbi Fuerst had the foresight to create a non-profit organization whose sole function is making matches.

What started out as a two woman team in someone’s kitchen, is now the forerunner of several shidduch organizations throughout the observant Jewish world. Although our beginnings centered solely on the Chicago Orthodox Jewish community, at this time we work with people throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Israel.

We work with all segments and ages of the Orthodox Jewish world and our database consists of over 2000 registrants.

There is no fee to register with Simcha Link. However, in accordance with halacha, when a marriage results through Simcha Link’s efforts, shadchanus is expected. Please consult your local Orthodox Rabbi with any questions you may have.

Simcha Link